Date & Time


Saturday, Sunday 26-27 January 2013
11:00 - 17:00 hrs

Afterwards we will go for a drink and dinner in a local restaurant.





REBOL is an innovative programming language, especially suitable for Domain Specific Languages, internet programming and semantic messaging. While this sounds academic, non-experts find it easy to create powerful applications in their domain with. Red and Boron are open source languages in the same family; dialects of REBOL. Red is still being created, but Red/System is already a complete and usable programming language, with good momentum and rapid development.

Red/System is a low-level language, comparable to the ubiquitous C language, but with several unique and modern characteristics of its own. This allows it to achieve ease of use combined with high performance and to interface easily with C libraries and operating platforms.

Red will be a high-level language most comparable to REBOL. It is being written in Red/System, and will thus inherit its capabilities. While REBOL is an interpreted language, Red will be compiled, allowing it to achieve much higher performance. To match the uniquely dynamic nature of the REBOL interpreter, Red will also have a deeply integrated Just In Time compiler.


This conference will be presented by Nenad Rakocevic and Kaj de Vos, the joint winners of the REBOL of the Year 2011 election. Nenad is the author of Red/System and Red, and previously of the Cheyenne web server, which is written in REBOL 2 and planned to be migrated to Red. Kaj is the project leader of the Syllable family of operating systems.

Presentations & Workshops

See the presentations list in the side panel. We have a lot of ground to cover, but no fixed schedule. We would like a number of the presentations to take the form of workshops, to interact with the audience. We will order them depending on your interests, so please take a moment to review the topics. If you would like to get started with the programming languages, bring your laptop and we will help you install those of your choice.


There will be wired and wireless internet connections. We will report during the conference in the AltME communication system. Note that we will use the recently created REBOL4 AltME space. Videos and presentation material will be published afterwards.




The conference is free, but the keepers of the venue request a voluntary contribution. It would also be appreciated if you would let us know that you are planning to visit the conference. Please contact Bas de Lange.





Spullenmannen] De War (Dutch)
“Place for Pioneers”

It's an old matches factory marked “Spullenmannen”.


Kleine Koppel 40
3812 PH  Amersfoort
The Netherlands




Map De War, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Route railway station Amersfoort to De War
This map defaults to the route to the venue from Amersfoort railway station. Please note that the route advice is stupid. It's best to use the back exit at the north side of the railway station and cross the roundabout halfway (in yellow). Change the address of the station to your own address for longer routes.




[Bas de Lange] Organiser

Bas de Lange
Esper consultancy

You can email Bas.